Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Very big news

Well, something momentous has occurred. I have changed my mind about a long-held prejudice.

Yes, it's true. I have decided that.... (drumroll please)

I will eat brussels sprouts.

For a long time, brussels sprouts shared the dubious honor of being listed as one of the three things I would not eat, the other two being liver and goat cheese. No plans to sample either of those any time soon, in case you're wondering.

It has happened twice now. The Professor has brought them home from the farmer's market still attached to their funky little stalk, and he has sauteed them (not the overboiling that I remember from my youth), once in bacon grease, once in olive oil with garlic. Both times, they were totally good. I do prefer the bacon grease method, of course, but it's a complete surprise to me that I will eat them at all. I used to say that I gave them up for lent. In 1983.

I am happy to report this new expansion of my vegetable horizons. Oh, and I should also add that a splash of vinegar was a nice addition to the sprouts. I tried both apple cider and balsamic. Both worked equally well.

In slightly less positive culinary news, yesterday I found some completely inexplicable glass in a bowl of very delicious squash soup. We can't figure out from whence it came. Luckily I caught it before chomping down and slicing up the inside of my mouth. Subsequent enjoyment of the soup is dampened somewhat by the mysterious origins of the glass, because I have no idea if there's more in there. Maybe I'll run the rest of it through a strainer today, but it's pretty thick.

And an empty breakfast bowl from yesterday left for ~10 minutes on a table near a plant was found to contain... an ant! It's February, for crying out loud! Are they living in the pot? The plant was donated to us by The Professor's mom, who does move her plants outside during the summer, so who knows. I was completely grossed out. I liberated the ant into the backyard. Good luck, little fella! Don't come back!


  1. You are brave, soul sister. The Sprout That Is Brussel shall never pass MY lips...

  2. You are a better person than me, Darcy... although you do make the prospect of eating sprouts (almost) tempting. :-)

  3. British folks have a deep and abiding love of brussel sprouts, so I've resigned myself to my fate. Every Christmas at the very least, one must eat them, though as you say, they're not too bad with bacon. Congratulations.

  4. Would you eat them in a box?
    Would you eat them with a fox?
    Would you eat them on a boat?
    Would you eat them with a goat?

  5. If you can do brussel sprouts, you can do beet greens ;-)

  6. I adore brussels sprouts and so I am glad that you are now enjoying them, too. A favorite winter meal is BS and MP (mashed potatoes) ... Try grated a little bit of nutmeg on them (on top of a little butter) - yum!


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