Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh, crap

My friend Mary Ann just introduced me to Scrabulous. I just passed 5 times in a row so I could play E-P-I-T-O-M-E on a triple word score, but it was worth it. I am already ahead again (for the moment, Mary Ann is a worthy opponent). Here's our game so far:

I foresee many hours wasted playing Scrabble online (unless a copyright infringement lawsuit brings it down). If you want to play a game, just let me know. I'm Darxyanne on there, too. It's a little harder to bring my A-game online, and I miss the shakey-shake of the tile bag, the nice feel of wood in your fingers when you lay down a word, but there are so many people I can't play because they live too far away. Scrabulous to the rescue! I've already challenged my favorite Scrabble buddy, my dear Aunt Marsha. Let's see if she will play...


  1. If you join facebook we can play scrabulous on there!

  2. Another computer time waster I didn't need to know about... LOL!

    And if the copyright lawyers take it down, I have a CD version of the "real" game. Not quite as fun as online... but it might help quell the scrabble jones.


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