Saturday, February 9, 2008

Movie: Clerks II

Thursday night I indulged myself in a second viewing of this movie, and I loved it all over again. I think the highlight for me is Randall's face during his conversation with Elias about why Elias and his girlfriend Mira haven't sealed the deal, as it were. Classic. Anything with Elias is one of my favorite parts of the movie, but every part of it is so wonderful that I can't really have a favorite. And what am I saying? What about Jay?! Ah, Jason Mewes, I adore him. I want to knit him a nice hat; that's how much I love Jason Mewes. I wonder what kind of hat he would like? Grey? Black? Plain? With a design on it? I can't let him keep wearing this sort of store-bought crap, can I? Hmmm, better get hats made for me and The Professor first. Yes, it's true. I'm a knitter without a hat. And a knitter with a sweetie without a hat. I made him one but it came out so ugly (I haven't even photographed it-- it's that bad) that it's an outside work hat, right out of the gate.

Anyhow, if you haven't yet seen Clerks II, give it a try. It's pure gold. All hail Kevin Smith.

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