Monday, February 11, 2008

Book: Made from Scratch

Subtitle: Reclaiming the Pleasures of the American Hearth

by: Jean Zimmerman

It took me a couple weeks to get through this one, only because life was getting in the way, and I couldn't just stay home and read all day. I actually finished it a couple weeks ago and had dreamed of writing a little more intelligent, in-depth review of it, but guess what? That's not happening. Suffice it to say, I quite enjoyed this book. I got it out of the library because it was on the shelf next to something else I was seeking, but I haven't read that one yet (a rather heavy-looking tome on the history of housework).

The book was well written, and I enjoyed the content as well as the style. My only beef with the book is the false advertising of the subtitle. Because the reclaiming part? The how the heck do we get back to being connected to our homes and the other people in them in a real way, through the making and sharing of homemade food, by cleaning up after ourselves for goodness sake, and maybe creating something handmade? Yeah, that was like 3 pages at the very end. It did not suffice.

A bunch of people floated to mind while reading this book. Kelly, Anne, Claudia: y'all would dig this book, I think. I would recommend it to anyone but y'all especially.

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  1. hmmmm...will add it to my TBR list, thanks!

    lots percolating down here in Kent!


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