Friday, February 15, 2008

Fiber fun updates

Here's the progress so far (end of yesterday, aka Day 6) on my sweater:

This photo taken at the end of Day 2 shows the color a little better (even though it also highlights my less than incredible ribbing):

I love the subtle changes in the hand dyed yarn. It's from Shelridge Farms, their Soft Touch DK. Yum. I'm using a size US#3 needle, and I'm surprised how fast it's going. It is just a stockinette tube for the moment, so I shouldn't be too shocked, but I still am a little.

Here are the promised shots of the Two-Tone Shrug:

And a shot of my addition to the pattern, an armpit gusset to make it a little less fitted (this shot does the best job of showing the true colors out of any of these photos):

I have also been using this baby:

to produce this:

which is my 4th go at the wheel. A definite improvement over my first few tries as you can see.

#1 on a drop spindle, at which point I decided not to pursue spinning at all:

#2 on a very nice two-treadle wheel sort of like this one, I think.

And my 2nd go at a wheel, first time on the one-treadle Ashford pictured above:

The disastrous results of my 3rd attempt at the wheel are fortunately hidden by the stuff I spun on the 4th try.

Phew, that's a lot of pictures! Thank you to my awesome friend Geno for the Flickr photo uploading tips.


  1. In order, my comments are: love that sage-y green - so pretty and calming. Love the two tones as seen in shrug - great complementary colors! The wheel is a piece of art and looks like your spinning is getting there, too! Did I miss anything? ;)

  2. The two-tone shrug colours are inspiring, Darcy. Everything else is great as well - is the sage green top for you? It will go very well with your hair colour...


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