Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Making my life easier

I haven't been keeping up on my movie reviews on this blog. We don't have cable, so we watch DVDs from the library instead, and despite my success with TV Turnoff Week (man, do I ever get tired of linking to that site? No, I do not), I watch way more TV than I would like to admit. Usually it's good background noise for knitting, but also because my brain, except in cases of extreme interest in some hobby or other, refuses to do anything productive after about 7 pm, there's a lot of evening TV viewing in our house. But lots of the stuff I see isn't even worth writing up, so I just let the list fade away. Well, I am making an effort to spruce up Ye Olde Blogge here, and I'd just like to keep track for my own reference, too, so I added a little Recently Viewed list in the sidebar (over to the right there, you can't miss it) with links to the shows or movies I've watched on DVD. Enjoy! If you want more details on anything, feel free to ask, and if something especially fantastic wafts in front of my eyeballs, I'll be sure to pipe up about it.


  1. Shoot, I started stalking the House series on Sundays myself. How could I not? They keep showing marathons on holiday weekends, and it's nice to see somebody who's a few degrees snarkier than I am pull no punches, even if it is fake dialogue.

    I can highly recommend seasons 3 and 4 of The 4400 if you've never seen it. It was canceled after season 4, so I am almost done watching it all.


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