Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I love E4S

Last night I went to the monthly meeting of Entrepreneurs for Sustainability. I love this group. I always learn something new, meet someone interesting, and get inspired about all the great things going on in our region. Last night's highlight was talking to a gentleman who recycles flourescent lightbulbs. For a quarter, he took my used headlight bulb that the Honda dealership had generously offered to put in the garbage for me, and instead of going into landfill, it will be recycled (the harvested materials are worth less than cost to dismantle them, hence the small fee). In general, he works with businesses to help them meet EPA guidelines that all lightbulbs must be recycled, so that's why it cost me a quarter. Well worth it, I say!

I also met some women who are working to get the planned green roof for the CSU recreation center finally installed. I'm hoping The Professor will jump on the bandwagon and do what he can to help their cause. He hadn't even known about the initial plans for a green roof, so I'm guessing many others at CSU don't as well. What a great image-booster for CSU if they could be one of the first in the city to implement a large-scale green roof project. Fingers crossed.

Scotland recap still to come. Stay tuned.

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