Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Election Day

Today's weather is awful here in Cleveland. Freezing rain, grey, cold, miserable. Ice is forming on anything and everything left outside for more than 10 minutes. I ignored PFAW's Sunday evening plea to do poll monitoring this year (we haven't been answering our phone for weeks to avoid election-related phone spam), and I'm glad I did, because it would suck to be standing out in this mess all day, and just in case I didn't get as lucky as I did the last two elections, when I worked from 5 am to midnight both times, but I got to do it (mostly) from the relative comfort of poll monitor HQ, being as how I'm such an organizing bad-ass and impressed the imported-from-DC Election Protection leaders as someone who'd make a good right-hand man for the day. This year, the disenfranchised voters of NE Ohio are going to have to muddle through without me.

I had to drive my tax return stuff over to the accountant (oh, I wish it were done, but I only had the preliminary stuff to take him), so I stopped and voted on the way home. The pollworkers were cheerful and humorous, always a plus. We had paper ballots, which was the one other bright spot in the whole experience, because I have a lot more confidence in them than the computers. I could have voted my conscience and cast my ballot for Kucinich, but knowing it would count for nothing since he stepped down, I hesitated. I wished I'd brought my pendulum so I could dowse for the answer, but I didn't think of that in my rush to get the tax stuff delivered. So I used the old faithful decision-making technique we all learned as kids. I did eenie-meanie-meinie-mo on Edwards, Kucinich and Obama, and Obama won, the last survivor of the two knockout rounds: my mother said to pick the very best one and you are not it.

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  1. it sure was a mess out there last night, and doubly so this morning, but I wouldn't have missed that vote for anything. (Obama)

    will be an interesting year, eh?


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