Monday, May 11, 2009

Why I don't exercise

This morning, I woke up feeling happy and positive. I decided to take a little walk around the block to get the body moving. Yesterday I finally finished a skirt, the pattern for which was fit when my tummy wasn't as round as it is now, and it's not terribly flattering. I can make another skirt that is more flattering, but I also want my flat tummy back. Better get off my butt and do something about it.

So I decided to just walk around the block. It's a 1-mile walk. Just a little something to get myself going again. I haven't really done any exercise since my last attempt at walking 4 miles on the elliptical machine with no breakfast before and not enough after left me feeling wretched for a day and a half.

And it happened again. Ever since college, I've had this very annoying problem. I found out about it the hard way when I tried to go jogging with some friends. I got half a block from our dorm and started itching like mad. My legs first but eventually my whole body will itch. It is torture. I can't jog or even do a brisk walk without this all-over itching happening. When I do walk, I have to go pretty slow so I don't get itchy, which means I don't get my heart rate up, which means not the best exercise ever.

I have asked doctors about this problem, I have asked anyone I've met with any kind of sports background, and no luck on finding out what is causing it. Is it something to do with nutrition? I mean, probably, but what? What specifically do I need to eat or not eat to make it so that I can walk around the block without wanting to claw off my own skin?

It doesn't happen with rollerblading or biking, which leads me to believe that something about the impact of walking is part of the problem. It also doesn't happen when I walk on the elliptical, so that's something, but I just wish I could be outside in the fresh air to get my exercise. I could bike, but it's so much easier to walk here. I live in a somewhat non-bike-friendly suburb, alas.

I really wonder how the heck I can find out about what causes this problem and what to do to solve it. If anyone reading this has any clue what could possibly be going on, I'm all ears. Right now I'm going to go try not to scratch.


  1. That is completely bizarre. I wish I knew what it was. But huh.

    I know what you mean about wanting to be outside. I can't really go walking or running around my house either. But that's because I live in a rural area where people think it's okey-dokey to let their dogs run around loose. So whenever I try to go for a walk, I end up sprinting back to my house, several yapping mongrels on my heels. Yaaar, it sucks!

  2. No idea why it happens, but maybe I found a "work around!"


  3. I've always guessed this is in some way related to rapidly increased blood flow--I get it too, though I think to a lesser degree than what you've described here. And it doesn't happen, say, when I'm on the elliptical machine, but man, oh man--jogging certainly sets it off. (Of course, I loathe jogging for other reasons, so no problem there!)

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