Sunday, February 15, 2009

Takin' the Snap Pea Challenge

I am not a fan of dirt. But I have become a loyal reader of Jenna Woginrich's blog, Cold Antler Farm, in which she recently issued a challenge, and I heard the call. Here's what I did this morning in the name of eating local and taking control of our food supply.

I got The Professor to bring me in some supplies. Compost:
Peat moss:
(Not eat moss. That would be gross).

Some rocks and a pot:

I mixed up the first 3 ingredients and got this:

I put it in the pot:

I took a seed from the pack:

Just one little seed:

I laid him on the dirt:

He's there in the middle, can you see him?

I put some more dirt on him and gave him some water:

I built him a ladder:

I installed some faux sun:

And I've welcomed him to his new little home next to me:

Here he is on Day 1.

I'll take another photo when he looks like something. Stay tuned!

And a huge thank you to Jenna, because if she hadn't issued the call, there is no way I would have spent part of my Sunday messing around with dirt on the kitchen floor.

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