Saturday, January 19, 2008

BSJ #3, End of Day 2

Got quite a bit done yesterday/last night. I am loving the way the colors are unfolding with this yarn. It's a good match for the pattern, I think. Reminds me of watermelon, with a little cantaloupe thrown in for good measure.

Still panicking the entire time about whether I will have enough yarn to finish it and what I will do if I don't. Yeah, that reduces the enjoyment factor slightly, but it's still better than all my other projects which require actual thought. I've cruised around Ravelry to see whether any one is trying to unload any of this yarn (Berroco Love It) in a color that will match, but it looks like only some brown up for sale, which isn't quite the direction I want to go. I am not above just writing to people who have this yarn in their stash and making them an offer, but the due date for this puppy is next Sunday when I attend the baby shower, so that would be tricky. Hi, you know that yarn you have that you have no intention of selling? Can you sell it to me and oh, by the way, can you please ship it overnight, today? Don't imagine that would go over too well. I'm just going to knit away on it as fast as I can and see where things wind up. I have no shortage of yarn in my stash, but as for something that will match this yarn of a similar weight and fiber content, nothing that fits the bill, I don't think. Fingers crossed it won't come to that. With the Colinette Cadenza I used to make the first two of these, I had loads of extra, using the same needle size and the same number of skeins; it just feels different this time for some reason.


  1. This looks beautiful, Darcy. Do we get to see any of your talented sewing stuff?

  2. As soon as I have something to show off! The sewing stuckness outstrips the knitting stuckness by a mile, alas.


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